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toonycritters's Journal

Toony Critters!
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This community is for anyone that has a love for cartoon critters, whether they are from old-school animated shorts or the newest 3D films- talk about your favorite character from your childhood, or a new character you like. Do you have a character of your own creation that you'd like to post about, but you'd like to see what others think? Feel free! Feedback and critique about character design is also highly encouraged, but keep it friendly. :) Posts about any and all animation and even video games featuring toony critters is also welcome here, as well as icon, mood theme, and banner posts (just make sure to find your own hosting space). Enjoy!


- Posts with links to online auctions relating to merchandise of animated films are ok; however- do NOT post about selling your own work here. This is not the place for that.

- Discussion, debate, and critiques are all welcome, but keep it friendly. Namecalling, trolling, spamming, and other disruptive activities will result in a ban from the community.

- Mild language is fine, but let's keep it to a minimum. This community is for everyone so I'd like to keep the language at a PG to PG-13 level.